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Fonte Linda

The main characteristics of Linda mineral water, recognised by the Ministry of Health with Decree no. 3543 of 10 March 2004 are:

  • stimulates the digestion;
  • has diuretic effects;
  • indicated for low sodium diets.

When enjoyed with meals Linda stimulates digestion contributing to solving some of the problems responsible for slow and difficult digestion.

"Linda" natural mineral water has a low trace mineral content as it has a level of mineral salts that is expressed by a fixed residue of less than 500 mg/l.

Linda’s mineralisation value is mainly due to the presence of bicarbonate, with which the water is naturally enriched during its underground journey and which proves to be quite useful as it aids digestion. Hygienist Dr. Giovanni Parigi explains: "The digestive action of Linda is linked to two orders of factors: the presence of carbon dioxide and the acid-carbonic-bicarbonate balance. This balance is of great interest from a bio-chemical point of view as it is essential for the body. This balance is involved right from digestion in the stomach, then when passing from the stomach to the duodenum and the liver it proves to be of great importance for the digestion in these systems, as, together with the food, it introduces a sufficient quantity of sodium bicarbonate.
The mineral content of Linda makes it able to pass more quickly into the circulation, through the walls of the entire gastro-intestinal absorption channel. Lastly, all the aforementioned actions on digestion also regard a specific zymosthenic action: an action that catalyzes the digestive enzymes".